Adhesive measurement with our patented methods have proven themselves worldwide in industrial use

PS Light ®

Non-contact, cost-efficient and automated inline measurement of wet, dry and powder coatings.

PS Standard

schichtdickenmessung photothermischer effekt
Photothermal coating thickness measurement - the standard solution for adhesives or paint coatings.

PS Industrial

Photothermal solution for thickness measurement within the production line - ideal for the measurement of car body paints in the automotive industry.

PS Industrial

The dual-beam technology is perfectly suited for the thickness measurement of moving objects during coil coating.

From planning to system integration

In the field of non-contact and non-destructive coating thickness measurement, we are a full-range supplier. We develop and manufacture innovative products and software and take over the planning and implementation of the systems together with the customer. Service and on-site training are also part of our services.